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Bear Creek Spire North Arete (5.8) — Car to Car in 13:45

L to R: Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Dade, and Mt. Abbott during the approach


I just got back from a great extended weekend (Fri through Wed — how’s that for extended!). The highlight of which was climbing Bear Creek Spire via the North Arete (5.8) car-to-car on Tuesday (2009-08-25). Awesome climb. My friend […]

Red Dihedral – Video #1: “The Approach”

Here’s a little video I put together to help ya’ll out with the approach… Since it seems like everyone is missing the log crossing and slogging across the river 😉

One more coming soon — “The Climb”



Red Dihedral – A stellar alpine weekend

The Objective:

The Incredible Hulk

The Protagonists:



The Slideshow:

The Trip: Friday, August 14, 2009

6:00 PM: Swing by Derek’s house, load up his gear.

6:30 PM: Hit the road. Grrr, gotta fight the traffic escaping the Bay Area for a while. 237 to 880 to Mission Blvd… Crap, […]

Cool Video: Hayden Kennedy on the Bachar Yerian

For all of you suckers stuck at work on such a gorgeous day, when you could be out climbing instead… Check out this sweet video and writeup of Hayden Kennedy leading the famous Bachar Yerian earlier this summer:

In other news, I climbed Red Dihedral (5.10b) on The Incredible Hulk last weekend. It was […]

Two days at Woodfords

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been checking out this cool area near South Lake Tahoe called Woodfords. It is an obscure area, with not much of a guidebook, except an old old one that you can download here:

That old guide lists about 90 routes. According to Dan (modern route developer and all […]