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April 19, 2009: Waaaaay Rambo

Well, It turns out that I’m not really Way Rambo (possibly petit Rambo?). This was an awesome, fun line. It’s got two hand traverses, and the first two-thirds of the climb is mostly a decent hand crack. The last third is the business — It’s green 0.75 Camalots for about 10 feet to a horizontal […]

April 18, 2009: Scarface draws us in

Finally, dawn breaks to a practically cloudless sky! Our first beautiful IC day this trip. Scarface is a great place to bask in the sun, starting on the right side of the cliff and working around to the front as the day progresses. So, off to the Wavy Gravy area it is. I have a […]

April 17, 2009: Supercrack Buttress and a Mini Epic

What is this? snow on the tops of the mesas? Damn. Into Monticello it is. Not turning out to be such a great trip for Kevin so far… But what’s this? The day clears, and after a morning lounging around in the coffee shop it’s back into the ‘Creek for us. Supercrack buttress is the […]

April 15-16, 2009: Rest day and climbing in Donnelly Canyon

April 15, 2009: Rest Day!

After spending a rest day in town and dinner at the Moab Brewery (guess when I wrote that last blog posting, eh?), MattR, Kevin, and I headed back to camp while Bojan and MattL stayed in town to get Bojan’s car fixed (what an epic that turned out to be!). […]

Indian Creek part 1: Blue Gramma, Technicolor, and Battle of the Bulge

The trip has started out great. We started on Blue Gramma on day one, Technicolor wall on day two, and Battle of the Bulge on day three. Now we’re hanging out in Moab, recovering on a rest day, getting ready for more. Keeping our fingers crossed that the weather improves.

A big dust storm rolled […]