Climbing log update


It took many hours of work, but I’ve finally finished updating a spreadsheet with my climbing log details. I’ve got pretty much all of the climbs I’ve done since October 2006 logged every which way, and now I can use this info to generate some cool graphs and charts to plot my progress.

Here [...]

Climbing log — its a lot of work!

Well, I have this climbing logbook that I’ve been making notes in since my first trip to Indian Creek in October, 2006. I’ve been slowly entering this data into a spreadsheet, which I will eventually post as a page here on my site. The idea is that I can keep track of my progress in [...]

Indian Creek Kickoff

I’m getting psyched for the kickoff, starting in Indian Creek.

For those of you not in on the secret, Indian Creek is a Crack-Climbing-Mecca. I’ve heard it described as “trad sport climbing”. Seriously, most of the cracks are perfectly parallel for hundreds of feet. Oh yeah — there are vanishingly few face holds. It’s about [...]

Route planning …

OK, so it turns out that getting folks to let me know specifically when they’ll be available is somewhat problematic. My mass emailing gleaned a bunch of “I’m interested in IC”, “JT”, “Red Rocks”, “Bishop”, “Smith”, “Zion”, and “Yosemite” destinations, but almost no actual dates. So I’ve tried to put together a schedule. Please check [...]

Trip planning (take 1)

I just installed this wordpress blogging software to keep everyone up-to-date with my climbing adventures this spring. Let’s see how it goes!.

Starting to plan my rock climbing roadtrip. Sent out an email last week to all of the climbers I know hoping to find out when they’ll be available and when they want to [...]