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Climbing log — its a lot of work!

Well, I have this climbing logbook that I’ve been making notes in since my first trip to Indian Creek in October, 2006.  I’ve been slowly entering this data into a spreadsheet, which I will eventually post as a page here on my site.  The idea is that I can keep track of my progress in getting up harder and harder stuff.  So far, I have all of the data through the middle of 2008.  That is 168 climbs in the log.

It looks like by the time I get all of my 2008 data in, that it will account for more than half of the climbs in my log.  Nice!

To pique your interest (and hopefully keep you coming back to my blog) here’s a humorous account I wrote of a possible FMA (First-Moss-Ascent) of Trigger Finger (40′ 5.10a J3 II) in the Grotto.  Enjoy!

Launching into a possible FMA on Trigger Finger (40' 5.10a J3 II)

Possible FMA (First-Moss-Ascent) of Trigger Finger (40' 5.10a J3 II)

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