Quick IC update

Been a great 4 days of climbing! Just stopped in town to restock on a few things. Two more days left! Boo yeah, it’ll be 6 days of climbing in a row by the time I make it back to civilization for real. I’m posting this from my phone on the way out of Moab.

Highlights of the last 4 days: Way Rambo (5.12-) – 1 fall, Battle of the Bulge (5.11+) – 2 falls, Swedin Ringle (5.12-) – 1 hang, Top Sirloin (5.11) – redpoint, Annunaki (5.12-) (this was my first time on it) – several hangs and 1 fall (all on the top section).

Looks like at this point I can usually onsight anything up to 5.11-, and some 5.11, and I’m getting close to redpointing 5.12-. Whoo!

Next posting, pictures – I promise! Look for it sometime midweek, now I gotta go crank out some more routes!


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