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PGVIP and Kor-Beck

Fought traffic out of the Bay Area last Friday afternoon (5/15) heading back to Yosemite. Note to self: try not to leave at the same time all of those folks that have jobs are on the road! Met up with Clemens and Josan in Los Banos, where we fueled up (me with caffeine and my […]

Yosemite: West face of Leaning Tower (5.7 C2F)

How better to ring in Cinco de Mayo with a bigwall climb of the West Face of Leaning Tower? What a great time I had in Yosemite last week. MattL and I packed for WFLT on Monday, Blasted to the Valley on Tuesday, and were back home by Friday evening […]

Whirlwind tour … the update

Phew! This unemployment thing is a lot of work! I haven’t had a spare moment to sit down in front of the computer for anything other than quick responses to email since I posted my last blog entry, about 15 days ago!

So, right now I’m late getting out the door to pick up MattL […]