Tideline (5.11a) — my first Trad 5.11 flash

So it’s been a slow couple of weeks climbing wise. Basically, I got sick (ugh) and haven’t been out climbing since our Matthes Crest trip. Ugh. I’ve been to the gym bouldering a few times, but I’m just starting to recover enough to climb. Keeping my fingers crossed that the antibiotic I’m on (Cipro) doesn’t [...]

Matthes Crest backpacking trip, September 11-13, 2009

[Note from Tad: If you are more into pictures or video and less about the words, just skip down to the youtube video below, and give it a look see. I Guarantee you'll enjoy it. For best viewing, I recommend watching it in fullscreen HD.]

I’d been out to climb Matthes Crest (5.7, according to [...]

Yosemite: West face of Leaning Tower (5.7 C2F)

How better to ring in Cinco de Mayo with a bigwall climb of the West Face of Leaning Tower? What a great time I had in Yosemite last week. MattL and I packed for WFLT on Monday, Blasted to the Valley on Tuesday, and were back home by Friday evening [...]