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Whirlwind tour … the update

Phew!  This unemployment thing is a lot of work!  I haven’t had a spare moment to sit down in front of the computer for anything other than quick responses to email since I posted my last blog entry, about 15 days ago!

So, right now I’m late getting out the door to pick up MattL for our Leaning Tower attempt.  Yosemite ho!

Since the last update, here’s the quick summary.  Photos and details later, when I get back from Yosemite at the end of the week:

  • Indian Creek: Supercrack buttress, Petrified Hornet …
  • Red Rocks: Brass Wall, Icebox Canyon – Sunnyside Crag
  • Joshua Tree: Big Horn Mating Grotto, Gunsmoke traverse, and Echo Cove / Echo Rock area
  • Home for a day
  • 3 days at Lake San Antonio with Danielle, supporting and cheering her on for the Wildflower Triathlon
  • Home for a day
  • Heading out to Yosemite as soon as the photos finish loading off the camera.

Like I said — Phew!  Awesome trip so far.  I’ll get some more photos and stories up this weekend.



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