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April 19, 2009: Waaaaay Rambo

Well, It turns out that I’m not really Way Rambo (possibly petit Rambo?).  This was an awesome, fun line.  It’s got two hand traverses, and the first two-thirds of the climb is mostly a decent hand crack.  The last third is the business — It’s green 0.75 Camalots for about 10 feet to a horizontal rail.  A hand traverse across the rail (with pretty much no feet) gets you to a hand jam and another green Camalot placement.  Phew!  I had to hang and rearrange gear (and lower to get some more) on the hard section.  I took one good fall from the far end of the rail, which turned out to be not scary at all!

Tad moving past the first traverse on Way Rambo (5.12-)

Tad moving past the first traverse on Way Rambo (5.12-)

Enough words already.  It’s long and boring, but if you want to watch a six minute video of me working the line, here it is, enjoy!

Rest day is done — it’s back to the ‘Creek tomorrow for two more days of climbing before heading somewhere else… Looks like Zion might be too hot, so destinations are in flux …

Ciao, – Tad

2 comments to April 19, 2009: Waaaaay Rambo

  • Danielle

    Dude, you’ll totatlly be ‘way rambo’ by the end of this trip! Sweet Line! Which part of the traverse was most tricky?

    • Tad


      The hardest part of the traverse was figuring out how to establish myself out on the face, hanging from the fingers on the rail such that I could free up my left hand to get the jam. I got out to the end the first time and couldn’t figure out how to get into the jam, so I took a fall from there, and after that, realizing that it wasn’t scary, I really went for it the next try and sunk the jam, then the climb was in the bag!

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