Trip planning (take 1)

I just installed this wordpress blogging software to keep everyone up-to-date with my climbing adventures this spring.  Let’s see how it goes!.

Starting to plan my rock climbing roadtrip.  Sent out an email last week to all of the climbers I know hoping to find out when they’ll be available and when they want to climb.

I’ve got a bunch of places in mind already but wouldn’t mind going elsewhere (for example RRG gets great recommendations, even though it’s not midwest)

  • Indian Creek
  • Zion (I’d like to do a bigwall route — Moonlight Buttress or ?)
  • Red Rocks
  • Joshua Tree
  • Suicide / Tahquitz
  • Smith Rock
  • Yosemite
  • ???

Looks like way too many destinations for a paltry (hah!) 2 month trip.  The bold destinations are definites.  The others are up in the air so far.

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  • Danielle

    Sweet! I can’t wait to see your trip schedule. There are too many awesome climbing areas to choose from. I will drool from the sidelines. Yes, even Tri addicts can appreciate climbing adventures:-)

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