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It’s official: I’m unemployed! (and some TRs from Tollhouse and Red Rocks)

Whoo, I handed in my resignation this past Friday and I take off for Indian Creek this Friday. I’m psyched (and a little nervous about not having a job for the first time since I was 15!)  More on this later.  In the meantime, some recent climbing updates!

Things have been running too fast to keep the blog updated, but I’ve been to Tollhouse (for a day trip) and Red Rocks (for a long weekend) since the last update. Tollhouse was decent, but doesn’t really have much climbing to make it worth hitting up again. Red Rocks was awesome, as usual.

We did Ginger Crack (7 pitch 5.9) on the first day. let me tell you, that was the coldest I’ve ever been climbing! I wore 5 layers: t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, fleece sweatshirt, softshell, and a gortex rain shell (not to mention a stocking cap!) I froze my ass off all day. Even when I was climbing, I never really warmed up. It was a fun climb though!

Day two was spent nearby climbing Unimpeachable Groping (6 pitch 5.10b) with Matt. This was a great climb. I took the 1st pitch (the only 5.10a pitch on the climb, everything else was 5.10b). I started up in 4 layers (same as the previous day, without the gortex shell. I made it about 3 or 4 bolts off the ground, where I passed from shade into sun… Phew! I had to hang on the bolt and disrobe of my softshell and stocking cap because I was about to get heat stroke! So I left it tied to a quickdraw and continued … Matt took P2 and ran it together with the short P3 to a great belay ledge. I took P4, but before heading up I ditched my fleece sweatshirt on the ledge. A few pitches later, and as we finished the climb, the face went into shadow, and it started cooling down again. Out came the shell, and down we went on the raps. I picked up my sweatshirt and put it on it just as I started getting chilled, and had no need for the softshell once I got back to it. Yeah!

Tad TRing Why Left (5.12b), Ragged Edges Cliff, Red Rocks

Day 3 was spent craggin’ at Ragged Edges cliff. I led P1 of Plan F (5.10a), and attempted some John Bachar route to the right of it. I got freaked out on that thing, and had to lower off of some dubious gear. I went back to the top and set a TR. It was a fairly pumpy route, but lots of fun. We jumped on Why Left (5.11b in the book, but probably more like 5.12b according to I couldn’t even get it on TR without a tension traverse off of a quickdraw (and many hangs before and after!)

All in all I had a great time!

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  • Rich

    What’s up with the voluntary unemployment? Have you got something else lined up, or did they just push you too far?

    Oh, I know. You’re going pro on the climbing circuit. Of course.

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